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Everyone is talking about this eight-year-old girl nicknamed the Siberian Snow White

Wow. Just wow. 

Eight-year-old Nariyana has been nicknamed the Siberian Snow White, and after looking at a recent photoshoot she took part in we can totally see why. 


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The youngster has long, white hair, a fair complexion and icy blue eyes, and is so incredibly striking we actually can't stop looking at her. 


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Nariyana, who is from Sakha Republic, or Yakutia , is an albino – the only one in her entire family – and photographer Vadim Rufov has described her as "the most unusual person [he] has ever met". 

Just like the rest of Nariyana's family, her 10-month-old brother and 14-year-old sister are both dark-haired – making the eight-year-old really stand out.


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"She is incredibly artistic and she spent two hours posing for me," photographer Vadim Rufov told the Siberian Times

"From the second we met, we started talking like we knew each other."


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And while her mum, Elena, doesn't want her daughter to get involved in modelling just yet, when asked about what she would like to be when she is older, Nariyana said that that is exactly what she wants to do. 

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