Everyone is praising this woman for speaking up about her pumping nightmare at airport

Sophie McBain from the US was travelling home from the UK when an experience at Heathrow airport left her reeling. 

The mum had to pump just before her flight so she asked airport staff where she could get some privacy. On their advice, she went to the baby changing room and began using her electric pump. 

However, while she was sitting there, a male attendant "unlocked the door" and told her that next time she was to "leave the door unlocked or pump in the main terminal."

Following the incident, Sophie got in touch with Heathrow to complain.

However, she was not impressed with their response and took to Twitter to share her story. 

Here is the airport's reply to Sophie's complaint:

Following on from her tweet, Sophie received plenty of support for calling out the airport for their shocking treatment 

How you ever experienced anything like this?  

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