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Everyone is praising this mum’s genius diabetes box for a very good reason

Diabetes is a life-long condition that needs constant monitoring, something one mum from Florida knows about all too well. Lauren Rowe’s daughter, Leah, is in the 5th grade, and has Type 1 diabetes.

In order to make sure every teacher knows about her daughter’s condition and, most importantly, what to do in the case of an emergency, Lauren made her daughter a diabetes box.

On the outside of the box, the mum explains what exactly Leah’s condition means for her daughter, and what she needs to do every day to stay healthy.

“I have a Diabetes Supply Bag at my desk and a cell phone that communicates with my Blood Glucose Monitor,” Lauren writes on the outside of the box.

“I will test my blood sugar several times during the day by pricking my finger."

Sharing a photo of the box on Facebook, Lauren wrote: “That time of year again.

"Here is Leah's Diabetes Box! I put one in every classroom she goes to."

Inside the box, Lauren stores glucose tabs, crackers and juice boxes for high and low blood sugar.

There is also a glucagon pen which is used to treat hypoglycaemia (low blood pressure).

Since posting it on Facebook, everyone has been praising Lauren for her genius idea!

“As a former school nurse this is the best idea I have seen,” wrote one.

“I have had children sent to the health room with blood sugars in the 30s. This is a great educational post. Great job, Mom.”

While another wrote: “Love this idea. I am doing to do it for my son. Thank you for sharing.”

Such a simple but brilliant idea!

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