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Ever wondered where the Baby Shark song came from? We have the answer

You aren't alone if the Baby Shark song has been on repeat in your household.

The catchy tune was just designed to get stuck in our heads, and it's even starting to rival Frozen's Let It Go, for the amount of times we have played it.

However, the hit song seemed to come out of nowhere, so we decided to investigate who is responsible for the beloved Baby Shark. 

The brain behind the song and actions are Pinkfong, a Korean education startup.

However, the song rocked to fame originally in Asia, thanks to K-Pop singers such as Girls' GenerationRed Velvet, and Blank Pink (don't worry we haven't heard of them either).

But reportedly, these pop stars were such fans of the song, they performed it along with the dance moves on TV and at their concerts.

The song is not new though, it has been around since 2016, but we reckon its recent rise to fame is thanks to one Canadian artist, Drake.

Instagram has been flooded by people dancing to Drake's 'In My Feelings', which sees them hopping out of their car and dancing along to the popular hit.

Parents around the world have now sought the opportunity to be trendy by recreating the Drake challenge, only this time it was to the tune of their kid's favourite song.

Don't believe me? Check out LadBaby's version.

Simple and repetitive lyrics paired with its dance moves that even your youngest child can master, made it a recipe for success. 

The song has racked up an incredible 1.6 billion views on YouTube. 

And as you play the song for the 10th time, you can thank Drake, the K-Pop stars and the Internet for the lyrics being stuck in your head all day long. 

We don't see this one dying down any time soon, and they also have a monkey version of the same song. – Enjoy!

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