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Eight-year-old sets up a Go Fund Me page for his best friend for the sweetest reason

They say if a friendship can last seven years, it'll last a lifetime; and it's something everyone can agree on. 

It's pretty clear we'd be lost without our besties; every single person on this earth has that one person they turn to.

Your best friend is the person who cheers you up when you're down, act the goof with and get in trouble with while giggling like the children we no longer are. 

But we have never before seen friendship goals that has stretched so far at such a young age. 

Paul and Kamden are the best friends that everyone will soon aspire to be! 

Kamden, who was born with a tumour on his vertebras, has been in a wheelchair his entire life. 

However, his wheelchair is heavy and bulky; Kamden finds it hard to push himself and his chair does not fit in his bathroom, meaning he has to have someone there at all times.

But quite recently, while the best friends were on a farm trip, Paul was shocked to witness Kamden's wheelchair tip forward, with Kamden falling out. 

Heartbroken that his best friend has to contend with this, the eight-year-old wanted to make sure that his best friend received a new chair. 

Paul had paid attention to the trouble Kamden has been going through and decided enough was enough, asking his mum could he set up a GoFundMe account. 

Sitting down with his mum to ask for help, Paul, named his adventure 'Keep Kamden Rollin', explaining why he was asking for donations online:

"His wheelchair has fallen forward many times and that sucks. Also, he has a really hard time pushing it because its so heavy."

"If he gets a new wheelchair he’s going to be more comfortable and he'll do more things on his own."

But not alone would the new wheelchair help out Kamden, it'll also help the boys play more often and at ease:

"I think he would go super fast if he got this new chair and we can play more."

If this isn't friendship goals, we don't know what is! Here's hoping Kamden gets his new chair; we can't wait to see them racing around. 

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