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Eight-year-old girl has something special to tell her teacher when she wakes up from surgery

When eight-year-old Natasha Fuller woke up following a kidney transplant, there was one person she had a special message for.

That person was her Wisconsin elementary school teacher Jodi Schmidt.

Natasha suffered with prune belly syndrome leaving her with urinary tract problems and a need for dialysis.

That was until Jodi stepped in to help – donating her kidney to the eight year old girl.

The teacher and mother, in an act of selflessness, gave her kidney to save Natasha, saying: "If I could give my other one too, I would."

The good news is that the operation was an overwhelming success, and sweet little Natasha can begin to live a normal life.

However before Jodi left hospital, Natasha had a special message for her teacher, and WISN was there to capture the event on camera.

Natasha told Jodi: “We’ll be friends forever” before adding “Actually she’s not my best friend, she’s my favourite best friend.”

Jodi was overjoyed the operation was a success saying: “This is exactly what I was hoping for and dreaming for.”

What an amazing story of community and self-sacrifice.  

These girls now have a bond for life, and we're bawling. 

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