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Eight reasons why aunts are simply the BEST

Aunts are a blessing in disguise. Not only do they know you inside out, but when it comes to looking out for your little ones, there's no better person for the job. 

As if you needed anymore convincing of aunt's greatness, here's just a small list of very few things that make aunts the absolute BEST

1. Spoiling 

Yes as a parent we can be aware about boundaries and not spoiling the children. However, when auntie comes to town, all rules are out the window, it's present time! 

We'll let them away with it… just this once… 


2. Babysitting 

Who better to babysit then the fun aunt? Not only do they know your kid inside and out, but they know exactly which rules to break for a super fun night.

They won't judge the state of your house and they accept payments in bottles of wine- score! 


3. Family craziness 

They know all your unique family madness, after all they were there for the most of it. They can entertain the kids for hours with embarrassing stories about their parents. The time dad got his head stuck in a gate or the the time mum fell out of the tree house nad lost her two front teeth- of course there'll be pictures involved! 


4. Kiddie time 

Lets face it, kids are just an excuse to climb on that jungle jim or go see that latest Pixar flick, and aunties will jump at the chance to spend quality fun time with your kids. 


5. Keeping Tabs 

Extra pair of eyes and ears on the streets and online- aunts are your back up covert surveillance. They're practically on-call private investigators. 


6. Cheerleader 

They're your family's personal cheerleader and you bet they'll be front and centre to every award ceremony and Nativity play cheering and clapping like there's no tomorrow. 


7. Advice 

As they grow up they know they can always go to their aunts for advice or for a chat about life. You best growing up all your teenage problems seemed a whole lot better after some no-nonsense advice from your favourite auntie. 


8. Cousin cuteness 

There's nothing like the bond between cousins, that heartwarming moment when you see your kids and your siblings get closer, bond, and get up to all kinds of mischief. Plus at least they're entertained for family events- phew! 


Why not show that special aunt in your life some love today! 

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