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Eh... Can you solve this seven-year-old's maths question?

There are often times we don’t understand the homework our children have been asked to do.

But this one definitely takes the biscuit.

Sent home with pages of maths equations to complete for the following day, this seven-year-old was stumped by one question in particular… and so are we.

Taking to Facebook to see if a solution could be found, The Holderness Family asked if anyone could help solve the equation.

On first glance the question looks easy enough: simply use the key to fill in the missing numbers. 

But easy it is not.

Many questioned why any teacher would give a young child such a difficult problem, but the family actually had a pretty good response to that.  

“I don’t think the teacher expects everyone to get this, I think it was meant to be a problem that would challenge the children. So for that reason I think it’s great that our school included it.”

If you’re still wracking your brain to figure it out, the below answer will put your mind to rest.

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