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During heavy rain, this hen proves that she is the ultimate mum

It doesn't matter what type of species you are, maternal instincts are powerful.

This hen in India has shown the world the lengths she will go to, to keep her babies safe.

The adorable video shows the mum protecting all her chicks from a heavy outbreak of rain.

Keeping them sheltered with her body, the mother hen's actions are seriously sweet.

The footage shows a number of little legs and a few bodies peeking out from under their mum.

It doesn't come as a surprise that the video has garnered so much attention online.

It currently has 10k retweets and 34k likes.

Twitter has been reacting to the lovely moment.

We think this tweet sums up the video perfectly, it reads: "mothers will always be mothers, no matter what species they are."

Another user replied with something every mum can relate to.

"Anyone else see stuff like this and wonder how these mamas have such well-behaved kids? My toddler would be running around splashing mud all over me," the mum joked.

We couldn't agree more, our little ones can get into such mischief. 

However, this mother hen is clearly doing something right when it comes to raising her chicks.

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