Due this month? Here are 20 gorgeous names for your little one

Are you set to welcome a baby girl or boy this month? Trying to pick a name for your newborn is one of the hardest decisions ever. How are you meant to choose just one name when there are so many adorable monikers out there?

We’ve gathered up a list of our top 20 names for 2020 so hopefully you expectant-mamas will seek some inspiration from this list.


1. Eric

2. Oscar

3. Theo

4. Marcus

5. Jeremiah

6. Lucas

7. George

8. Harry

9. Samuel

10. Alexander


11. Ruby

12. Alice

13. Sophia

14. Ivy

15. Josie

16. Betty

17. Marie

18. Kacey

19. Lucy-Jo

20. Camila 

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