5 facts about April babies that make them amazing

April showers bring… amazing little humans?

April is known as the wet month but it is also full of life, especially for those bringing forth that life. If you or anyone you know is expecting a tiny tot this April, we have put together these five gorgeous facts about April angels that make them simply amazing.

1. The world will be their oyster

There are many studies that demonstrate how specific birth-months trend towards specific careers. This is not the case for those who are April-born. April is the only month where a single career path doesn’t stand out above the rest. Research carried out by the Office for National Statistics in the UK, showed that people born in April tend to excel across a number of different careers. This is wonderful news for mums expecting this month, as their baby can truly follow their dreams and be whoever they want to be!

2. They will succeed, whatever path they choose

According to a 2012 study, 10 percent of company CEOs were born in April. This is significantly more than those from other months. Exciting news for mums of April angels as they are likely to have the drive and courage to make their way in the world!

3. They are natural-born optimists

According to research, little ones born in April score high on the hyperthermic scale. This means they have an optimistic and positive temperament. Mums will be simply delighted to have a happy-go-lucky kid who looks on the bright side of life!

4. They will be healthy as can be

The April-born among us are less likely to be affected by various diseases. Medical research conducted by Columbia University showed that people born in April are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, and reproductive diseases. Mums expecting April babies can rest in the knowledge that their little one is likely to be happy and healthy, throughout their life.

5. They will be simply hilarious

Though April fools day is limited to the first of the month, the entire 30 days are dedicated to the celebrating of all things funny. A month that promotes the ‘therapeutic value of humour’, April is National Humour Month. Those expecting in April should prepare for a little comedian… or at least a funny little bunny who will keep the house entertained!

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