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Dublin celebrates win with heartwarming visit to children's hospital

Following their fourth All-Ireland championship win, Dublin decided to share their victory with their sweetest fans.

Continuing the team’s tradition, Dublin visited Temple Street Children's hospital to celebrate and spread the triumphant spirit.

Temple Street shared some heartwarming photos of the team’s visit, thanking them for thinking of their young patients in their hectic happiness.

“We enjoyed our own 'four-in-a-row' as the victorious Dubs continued the tradition of popping by with the Sam Maguire! Huge thanks to Jim Gavin and the entire team for taking the time out of their busy schedule to bring joy & smiles to the children in our wards!”

And the winners did not stop there.

They also made sure to stop by and see all those staying at Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin as well.

The team had a grand time chatting with the children, signing jerseys, and even had a sing-song with one of their biggest fans.

Gathering together in little Freya Fitzpatrick’s hospital room, the ‘superdub’ had her dreams come true when her favourite footballers followed her lead in an a cappella rendition of “Molly Malone.”

Freya was dressed head-to-toe in her Dublin gear, truly feeling like part of the iconic team.

The team made sure to remind the children of both hospitals how special and strong they are to fight for their health everyday.

All of Dublin was victorious this weekend, and it is grand to see the players putting their precious fans first, including them in their own triumphs as well.

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