Double trouble: twin brothers become new dads on the same day

Talk about a twin connection! 

33-year-old twins Justin and Joshua Thorington have always had a special connection. That bond is so strong, in fact, that they both became first-time dads on the same day! 

Even though it may seem like a crazy coincidence to some, thew twins themselves were not surprised. 

"I'm not surprised it happened on the same day because of how close we've been," Joshua told POPSUGAR. "I think my wife, Denise, appreciates the uniqueness more. What's been more surprising is how popular of a story it has become," he said, adding, "The whole experience has been crazy and exciting. Growing up, Justin and I have always been pretty in sync. We didn't plan to do these pregnancies together; it just happened."

Speaking to TODAY, Joshua said that the whole thing was out of the blue.

"Actually, we didn't plan to pregnant at the same time either — it just kind of happened," he said. "[Justin and his wife, Alex] told us one day they were expecting and for my wife, Denise, having a baby was in the back of her mind from that conversation. So she checked and also found out she was pregnant. Which was crazy."

To make the arrival even cooler, the babies were due two weeks apart. 

Denise was due on March 25 and Alex the April 8. However on March 27, both women found themselves in labour, delivering the babies within just 19 hours of each other.

Josh and Denise welcomed a little boy named Jack at 4:18 a.m., while Justin and Alex met baby Lucy, at 11:43 p.m. We have a feeling that those two are going to the the best of friends! 

"We were just keeping in contact with them, keeping tabs on how they were doing," Justin said. The couple had been waiting to hear back from Josh and Denise, when Alex went into labour. While labouring at home, they received good news.

"We found out during that period that Denise and Josh had had their baby."

Then Alex's water broke at about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

"By 10:30 p.m. (in the delivery room), I was just like, 'Alex, you got an hour and a half if you want to get the same birthday,' just joking around," Justin recalled. "Then at 11:43 p.m. we had baby Lucy."

Talk about double trouble! 

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