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Double trouble: Identical twins find out they're pregnant at the same time

Alisha and Shauna Haines do everything together, literally. The 20-year-old identical twins found out that they were both pregnant at the exact same time- without even realising that the other was trying. 

From Cornwall, the twins fell pregnant within just weeks of each other, and are delighted. The babies are due 7 weeks apart in June and July. 

Without talking to her sister, Alisha, a receptionist and her partner Jimmy decided to try to start a family. Just weeks later, Shauna made the same decision with her partner, Shane. 

According to The Daily Mail, the pair have been supporting each other through their pregnancies, attending doctors appointments together and planning to be together at each others deliveries. 

"Alisha and I have always been close," Alisha said. "We have that special bond that twins do and we have always done everything together – even having a baby apparently.

"It is so lovely being able to support each other and share the experience with her. And it is so nice to think about how close our babies will be. They'll be so close in age and they're both girls so they'll definitely be best friends.

"We were so excited when we found out we were both having girls. We both had 16 week scans to find out the genders but I was absolutely convinced I was having a boy. It is so weird how similar we are. We even accidentally decorated our nurseries in a really similar way because we just like all the same things." 

Shauna added that despite their timing and similar taste in decoration, their pregnancies could not have been more different. 

"Alisha's has been plain sailing but I have had almost every problem there can be. I have hyperemesis gravidarum so really extreme pregnancy sickness and low iron then I had a bleed so I've been in hospital a lot. Also the baby was breach and now she's back-to-back." 

As for Alisha, her sister's support has been essential. 

"It has been really scary especially as a first-time mum but having Shauna's support has really helped. We've been to every doctors' appointment and hospital stay together. We'll definitely be with each other when we give birth." 

Luckily, their partners are good friends and have been there for each other as well. 

"The guys are really close, they get on really well so it's nice they've got each other for support like me and Alisha have each other," Shauna explains. 

Their mother, Julie, isn't surprised at how in sync the girls are. 

"It is so lovely the special connection the girls have but it is also very strange at times.

"They can be in different rooms and come up with the same ideas, they often come out with exactly the same thing at the same time. So when Alisha told me she was pregnant I knew Shauna wouldn't be far behind her.

"It is really exciting. I can't wait to have my first grandkids and I get to have two at basically the same time."

Talk about double trouble! 


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