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13 St. Patrick's Day parades taking place around the country

Whether you live in the Capital or a small rural village, your hometown's annual parade is always a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. 

And to help you plan your day, we have compiled a list of start times and locations for parades happening across the Republic of Ireland:

1. Cork

The parade runs from the South Mall to the Grand Parade from 1pm, along St. Patrick’s Street and finishes at Merchant’s Quay; click here for more information.

2. Dublin

The Dublin parade starts at Parnell Square at 12pm; click here for more information.

3. Donegal

The annual St Patrick’s Day parade will start at East End at 3.30pm; click here for more information. 

4. Galway

The Parade will start at 11.30am at the top of Dominick Street and finish at approximately 1.00pm; click here for more information.

5. Kildare

The Kilcullen parade will start at 12 noon; click here for more information.

6. Monaghan

The parade starts at Monaghan Town at 3:00pm; click here for more information.

8. Meath

The parade starts at 2:00pm from CTR, Trim Road, Nanvan; click here for more information. 

9. Offaly

The parade will begin at 11:30am from High Street and travel to the Kilbeggan Bridge; click here for more information. 

10. Roscommon

Athlone's St Patrick's Day Parade starts at 2:30pm from Golden Island; click here for more information.

11. Tipperary 

Cashel St. Patrick’s Parade starts at the Lady’s Well at 2pm ; click here for more information.

12. Wicklow

The parade starts at Main Street, Wicklow Town at 3:15pm; click here for more information.

13. Wexford

The parade starts at Fisher’s Rowe, William Street at 10:45am; click here for more information. 

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