'Don't forget to lick the bowl!': Kindergarten class wrote a cookbook and we can't even

If you've ever cooked with kids before you'll know they love two things: making a mess and strange food combinations.

Sometimes they might even come up with their own (usually inedible) recipes.

Macy Hollenkamp, a kindergarten teacher in Salem, Illinois decided to embrace her classes culinary creativity. She got her kindergarten class, aged between four and five, to share their favourite recipes.

And the results have us in stitches. 

Let's start off with the ingredients, which some of which include "5 Lettuces", "a galleon of chocolate", "18 minutes of flour "and "12 packages of chicken NOT SPICEY". 

As if it was even possible, it gets cuter from there – the recipes themselves are hilarious. Here are just a few: 

"Cut the carrots with a knife and put them in a pan. Cook them on the stove for 100 minutes. Add the flour. Mix it all up with a big spoon. Then it will be done!! No one is going to eat them. No one likes carrots. We want mac and cheese!" 

Perhaps you could try something simpler like Bentley's rolls, in which the only ingredient is  "2 bread". Or maybe you would prefer Jaelyn's Mac & Cheese: 

"My grandma cooks it on the stove with lots of butter. You have to cook the cheese good to make it melt. I would say it takes an hour." 

There are also other nuggets of wisdom from the kids such as; "Don't forget to lick the bowl" and "the oven has to be 6 degrees." 

Most of the recipes end with the most important bit- eating it! 

Finger-licking good! 

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