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Dog's favourite toy is found and Dad crafts a makeshift hospital for it

We love our pets and if they have a favourite toy then, it's important to us too.

Which is what a certain Dad knew when he found his dog Lucky's special stuffed toy lying outside his house.

There had been a storm and let's just say, the toy wasn't in great condition as a result.

So what did this Dad do?

He jumped into action, taking the damaged toy – a bear called Dodo – inside.

He messaged his daughter Michaella to tell her that Lucky's favourite toy was in a bad way.

But he decided to launch a recovery operation, messaging his daughter writing, ''I found a slight pulse. I’m doing CPR.''

He then wrote, ''I SAVED HIS LIFE'' followed by a picture of the toy in a makeshift hospital – with bed and homemade IV drip.

Dogs Lucky and Laci can also be seen by his bedside, paying a visit. 

Michaella also updated everyone that Dodo that the bear is now fully recovered.

Yay for Dad.

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