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Dog greeting best friend after school everyday is too cute

Like many 6-year-olds Henrique Muraro has a best friend. Except he didn't meet him at school AND he's extremely cute and fluffy. 

His best friend is Pipo the dog, the most loyal friend in the world. 

Henrique, from Brazil, is a lively young boy but he does have mobility issues. He has a wheelchair and attends a special school. Doctors suggested to his parents that a dog might help Henrique with his mobility difficulties. 

They trailed several different pups, but none seemed the right fit- that was until Pipo came along. 

"One day my father's cousin brought over Pipo," Rodrigo Muraro, Henrique's older brother, said while speaking to The Dodo. "They became friends immediately and have been inseparable ever since. They spend all day together playing."

The pair are never separated- unless of course Henrique is at school. But Pipo is always waiting for him to come home, even jumping on the bus to make sure they're not apart for even seconds more than necessary. 

The excited pup hops up into his lap and smoothers him with kisses. Some pass the tissues! 

"Pipo started doing this all on his own," Muraro said. "He would always follow when my mother took Henrique to the bus [to] go to school, and then one day he just started running inside the bus when he saw it arrive. Now he does it every day."

While Pipo isn't a trained therapy dog, he's still impacted greatly on Henrique's development. 

"Henrique's motor skills have improved a lot," Muraro expalined, "and he's much happier thanks to all of Pipo's affection."

Truly is man's best friend! 

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