Big Kids

Doctor asked terminally ill kids about happiness-the answers will make you weep

"Kids can be so wise, y'know" 

Dr Alastair McAlpine, from Cape Town, South Africa, works in children's palliative care. 

He recently set himself a side project- to ask his patients what they like about their lives.  

Their answers are as heart-wrenching as they are uplifting. 

 Firstly he notes that none of them wished that they'd spent more time watching TV, on Facebook, fighting or in hospital. 

But what they do love, pets, their parents, will melt you. 

While talking to the children, McAlpine said many were worried about their parents, and hoping they wouldn't worry as much.

Many of the older children wished that they had spent less time worrying about what people thought about them.

One child even saying; “My real friends didn't care when my hair fell out.”

McAlpine summed up the entire process in one powerful reminder, be kind, read to your kids and eat ice-cream. 

Twitter users were touched by the thread, some even sharing their own stories of loss and how it helped them to reflect on their lives. 

We're in bits. Such a powerful reminder to appreciate your loved ones and the simple things in life.  

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