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“Distracting for staff”: Teenage girls in Carlow school banned from wearing tight clothes during PE

It has been reported by Carlow Nationalist, that girls in a Carlow secondary school have been banned from wearing tight clothes, such as leggings, during PE, as they are “distracting” for members of staff.

According to the publication, all female students at Presentation College Carlow, from first to sixth year were called out of class on Friday morning, year by year, and were told not to wear tight clothing, as it showed off too much of their figures and made male staff members “uncomfortable”.

Female students were also told not to roll up their skirts too short or tighten up their jumpers, as this also revealed too much of their body shapes, while male students were not addressed. Sources say that the younger year group(s) received a “PG” talk, while older year groups were “shamed” and told they “should have more respect for themselves.”

Following this assembly, many young girls were left feeling, “uncomfortable, degraded, paranoid, violated, disgusted and unsafe.”

This resulted in an uproar of complaints from parents, and a petition against the school’s “sexist” policy.

One disgruntled parent told the publication, “If these so-called male teachers can get distracted by 12- to18-year-old girls, they should not be teaching.”

“We are trying to bring our children up in a way that they are not ashamed of their bodies; we are trying to teach our young men that just because she wears this doesn’t mean she wants that.”

“This is all wrong, it was all very badly done.”

As of now, no comment has been made by the school’s principal or management staff, either to the media, or the parents who are demanding an explanation and an apology.

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