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Disabled man holds up sign asking for a job- what happens next will warm your heart

When Mathew Magrath moved from Brisbane to the small Australian city of Mackey, he had trouble finding a job. 

Not because he didn't have the necessary skills and experience, but because he's wheel-chair bound. 

14 years ago, Magrath broke his neck falling from a balcony. The fall left him paralysed from the waist down and hospitalised for six months.

With no luck for three weeks on the tradition job-seeking channels, Magrath took matters into his own hands- holding a sign saying "work wanted." 

Speaking to The Daily Mail, the 33-year-old said that he had to resort to using the sign to get attention.

"I've resorted to holding out this sign to try to get ahead and give myself a better chance.

"It's a tough time for everybody but especially when you're disabled. I find some workplaces are not prepared to take you on because they don't have the right layout or accessibility for wheelchair users." 

Magrath also says that he's been the victim of stereotyping in the past. 

"People also sort of look at disability as an inconvenience in some sense. There is a stigma against disabled people but they're often very loyal and hard-working."

The picture was taken by Katelyn Neal, who could empathise with his situation. Posting it to a "Jobs in Mackey" facebook page she wrote: 

"I've seen this person two days in a row down on Lagoon street at around 7.30am yesterday and today.  Thought it might be worth a share and in turn this might help them out.

"I know what it's like to try to find work and constantly get knocked back. It takes courage to do what he is doing." 

Since the photo of him was spread he's gotten offers from several employers. 

"I've had about eight potential employment opportunities, some are a few weeks away though," he said. 

He's got more interviews lined up this week in sales, administration, purchasing and accounts- all of which he has experience in. 

"Things are going well and I expect to have employment by the end of next week." 

Magrath is optimistic about his future; "This is definitely a positive step – I've just got to keep going."

It's nearly enough to restore your faith in humanity! 

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