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David Walliams is releasing free children's audio books and they're brilliant

Trying to keep the kids entertained is proving difficult. They’re not used to being at home and away from school and us parents are struggling to find ways to keep them happy. There are only so many crafts you can do before losing your mind.

Luckily, David Walliams is here to save the day. The author is releasing children’s audio books for free for the next 30 days and they’re just brilliant.

Walliams confirmed the exciting project on Instagram this week. He shared: “All those stuck at home with their kids may be able to relate to ‘The World’s Worst Children’! I’ll be releasing an audio story every day for the next 30 days absolutely free.First up is The Terrible Triplets!”


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Parents have been praising the author’s kind gesture online, “I love that you’ve given audio books free at this time. My teen is reading your books again. You’ve been a treasured author in our home. Much love to you and hugs (from 6 feet away)!”

“Brilliant, thank you, we're loving the stories in this house,” another said.

One added: “My daughter loved this last night as an extra story at bedtime.”


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Another parent said: “My girls loved it. They listened to it after their day of e-learning ended and it was just what they needed to relax and have a good laugh. Thanks for doing this David.”

You can listen to the audio books here.

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