Daighin or Siui? These 21 Irish girl names are seriously stunning

There is something about the Irish language that makes names sound so mysterious… Aoibh, Lúile, Clóda beautiful, elegant names that have an air of history, mystique and beauty. 

And if you are expecting a little girl soon, we have 21 names below that will intrigue and inspire you on your naming journey!

1. Ailis (Eye-leash) – meaning of noble kin

2. Ailbhe (Al-vah) – meaning white

3. Aoibheann (Ee-veen) – meaning fair one

4. Aoibh (Eve) – meaning beauty

5. Bríana (Bree-in-a) – meaning high noble

6. Daighin (Die-gan) – meaning dawn

7. Dáire (Dara) – meaning sincere

8. Clóda (Chlo-da) – meaning lame

9. Iona (I-o-na) – meaning blessed

10. Maelíosa (Mae-o-lisa) – meaning servant of Jesus

11. Neala – meaning little champion

12. Iesult (Is-ult) – meaning ruler of the ice

13. Lúile (Lu-la) – meaning child with thick hair

14. Mairin (Maw-reen) – meaning bitterly wanted child

15. Nainsí (Nancy) – meaning graceful

16. Naomh (Naave) – meaning saint

17. Nóinín (No-neen) – meaning daisy

18. Réitlín (Ray-tleen) – meaning little star

19. Siui (Shoe-ee) – meaning rose

20. Vevina (Ve-vina) – meaning sweet lady

21. Zaira (Zeera) – meaning princess

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