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Dad's sketches of life with wife and kids are giving us all the feels

Curtis Wiklund has been capturing beautiful moments from his family, not by photograph, but by sketch. 

For years, he's been turning moments, big and small, into art, each drawing of them seeping with love. 

The Curtis and Jordin Wiklund, from Michigan, have been married eight years, have two boys and are expecting a daughter in March. They also run a wedding photography business together. 

Wiklund drew attention to his work in last year, when a sketch showing the painful reality of miscarriages went viral. 

It was drawn in a particularly difficult time for the family, after they suffered two miscarriages in two years. 

“That first loss was actually what drove me to start drawing again,” Wiklund revealed to The Huffington Post. “I realised I needed drawing, like somebody might need to write music, journal or go for a run. Drawing was helping me process.”

By drawing, Wiklund hopes to capture the fleeting, everyday moments that make life so special. 

“I tend to draw moments that made me feel something,” he explained. “Those moments are sometimes hard to notice in real life, and even harder to articulate to someone else. But when I can draw it, I hope that somebody else knows what I’m talking about when they see it.”

The candid moments are so perfectly captured, it's hard not to feel something while looking at them.  

“I would’ve missed those moments if I hadn't drawn them, and those are the moments I never want to forget." 

In 2011, wife Jordin embarked on a 365 day photography challenge and she encouraged Wiklund to do the same with drawing. 

After the year was up he continued posting his work to social media, although no longer every day. 

"Today, the drawings help me hold onto and cherish the fleeting moments, and even help me work through the hard ones," he revealed. "I try to remember that they could help somebody else like they help me.”

When the sleeping arrangements look familiar… 

If these gorgeous sketches prove anything it truly is that love is in the little things. 

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