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Dad's recreation of Harry Potter's room is what dreams are made of

Fancy a spell-binding D.I.Y project? Then take inspiration from this magic-loving dad! 

Dad-of-two, Peter Fragola definitely must have some wizarding blood in his veins, because this recreation of of  Harry's famous room under the stairs has to be seen to be believed. 

Speaking to Love What Matters, Fragola explains that he's a massive fan of the books- and wanted to pass on a love of reading to his two young sons: 

 "As an elementary school principal and former teacher, I know how important it is for children to have a space of their own to read, a space where they feel comfortable and is free from distractions from today's electronics, TVs and iPads." 

When first purchasing the house, he noticed the space under the stairs just begging to be transformed: 

" I knew the first time I saw this space 'under the stairs' that I could transform it into something (pardon the pun) MAGICAL." 

Before, it was just a plain old storage space: 

Until Fragola waved his magic wand and cast a spell, transforming the cold cupboard into a reading nook fit for royalty: 

If we could hop on the Hogwarts express to the Fragola house we definitely would! 

And we're not the only ones packing up our broomsticks: 

So long Muggles we're off under the stairs! 


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