Dad's reaction to baby poop explosion is absolutely priceless

Let's face it, babies are basically just eating and pooping machines. There's not one parent that hasn't had to deal with a dreaded monster of a dirty nappy. 

Every so often, on the front line of baby poop explosions, a hero emerges. And today, it is this hilarious dad.

The video starts with the unassuming papa changing his baby girl's nappy. He seems to be handling things well, even chatting away to the baby and the mother behind the camera. 

He bends in to wipe her bum when suddenly…

Poonado strikes! 

It's a big one, you can even hear it hitting the side of the crib. 

"Oh sh*t, what the f**k" he jumps back, miraculously saving his pristine white top. 

"How did this just happen?" he asks while grabbing wipes. 

The mum behind the camera is in fits as dad does his best to clean up. 

"Holy shenanigans baby, was that projectile sh*t?" 

In fairness to him, he handles it like a complete champ, even saying "let it rock, baby. Keep on, you got more?"

Absolutely priceless! Any parent can relate to the explosion of crap. 

Dad level one million! 

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