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Dad's post about why grandparents are the best is giving us all the feels

Can we just collectively agree that grandparents are the best? 

No matter whether they live up the road or on the other side of the world, grandparents will always be delighted to see the kiddies. 

Not only to they love it, but the grandchildren who get spoilt rotten do too. 

Blogger and dad-of-two, Brad Kearns nails exactly why having a loving grandparent in your lives is so special. And it's enough to make us want to go to hug our grandparents straight away. 

Each week, his two boys spend the day at their granny's. 

"The kids wave me out the door. They can’t get rid of me quick enough…" 

In granny's house, it's always treat day, even if they pretend it's not… 

"It’s normally first thing in the morning but Finn still heads straight for the ice creams. She tells him 'it’s too early Finny bop' but I just know they be smashing a Cornetto before I’m even off the street." 

Usually, the relaxed rules of granny's house means that a delightful amount of chaos ensues. 

"By the time I pick them up that eve they’re normally on their second set of clothes each. Finn’s lucky to be wearing anything more than just a nappy. They’re always super hyped up and Nanny says “Finn didn’t sleep at all today” as if it were out of the ordinary for a day with her." 

But, Kearns is glad that the kids have the freedom to run riot, for the kids and for their granny: 

"I’m glad they f**k sh*t up over there. I’m happy they play bare foot under the sprinkler while she does the washing and I couldn't care less that they look like dirty little yobbos when I get back.

"Because the love every minute of it. And so does she. They wrestle and watch movies and ride their bikes in the house and it’s by far the best day in their week." 

His mother-in-law runs her own business, and the one day a week she has off, she chooses to spend it "f**king up her immaculate house with our boys."

Kearns points out that while in-laws usually get a bad reputation, if they love your children then it's a blessing: 

"If you’re lucky enough to have someone that adores your kids as much as you do…make sure you let them know it.

"Because this is all you could ever ask from a grandparent." 

What happens in Nana's house, stays in Nana's house! 

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