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Dad turns his kids' drawings into characters - and they're so COOL

As kids, most of us would have loved nothing more than to see our drawings being turned into famous characters. But that is EXACTLY what French anime artist Thomas Romain is doing to his kids' doodles. 

The father-of-two has been creating pretty awesome characters as of late (not that his work before was not good), and he has his two sons to thank. 

Whether it's a picture created with fabric, stickers and markers, a pencil sketch or even a doodle, Romain manages to stay true to the original design while creating awesome characters.

Just look:

Admittedly some of them are terrifying…

But they way he sticks to the original drawing is incredible…

This one is our favourite: 

Wonder if we sent Romain one of our kid's drawing would he do something cool with it…?!

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