Dad-to-be doesn't know what to think when he sees this note on his garage door

This is so sweet!

Halie and E, who married in 2014, were diagnosed with unexplained male factor infertility a couple of years ago, and were told that they would never conceive naturally. 

The young couple decided to go for IVF, a journey they have been documenting on YouTube since 2016. 

Their first round of IVF sadly failed, but then Halie got some good news on their second round, and wanted to surprise her husband – which is where the note comes in. 

Halie was seven days past her six day transfer when she found an old pregnancy test in her bathroom, which hadn't expired.

Unable to contain her excitement, Halie took the test and discovered that she is in fact expecting, and really wanted to surprise her husband with the news. 

The couple had decided that they would do a gender reveal if they ever did fall pregnant, wanting to do "one thing normal". 

Talking to the camera, Halie explained how her sister got to tell her own husband that she was expecting, as did her friend, an experience Halie felt she would miss out on because they would receive the news over the phone together. 

"We've talked before about how my sister got to surprise her husband or how my best friend got to surprise her husband. We get the phone call together about my HCG levels." 

Unsure whether E will be happy or not considering they had said they wouldn't do a pregnancy test, Halie was clearly nervous so she put the note on the garage door AND on the front door. 

And then she waited for him to come home. 

Walking through the garage door, E looks very confused by the note, until he sees a T-shirt left on the counter for him. 

Shocked, delighted and happy, the couple are so sweet as they talk about the test, with E unable to take his eyes away from it! 

Aw, congratulations, guys! 

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