Dad shaves his beard but he wasn't expecting his daughter to hide

Are dads even dads anymore unless they have an overgrown beard they somehow forgot to shave off?

We think not, and apparently our kids think so too!

Children become accustomed to how their parents look, and certain features they seem to recognise more than others. 

So what happens when Dad decides to eventually shave that over grown beard, but his kids haven't seen him without one before?

Well, it takes serious getting used to that's for sure. 

Noah Whitaker's children were shocked when he shaved for the first time in two years, and on the last occasion his son hid under the bed for almost an hour. 

And this time it was the turn of his daughter Eva, who was less than pleased with her dad's sudden transformation. 

Eva is just 18-months-old, but she is definitely not a fan of her beardless dad, rapidly crawling away from him at every chance. 

As Noah continues to call out to Eva, it's clear as day that she recognises her dad's voice, but each time she looks at him, she crawls away, hiding beside the fridge.

Have you ever had a dramatic change that scared your kids a little?

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