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Dad returns home from army duty, and his children get the biggest surprise ever

Lieutenant Colonel Scott Schmitt had the ultimate surprise for his kids.

The army dad, who had not seen his two daughters in five months, arrived at their school in Kansas and they didn’t have a clue!

Scott was on duty in Iraq since November 2016, and his girls, Rebecca and Sarah, had no idea when they were going to see their dad again.

That was until Scott entered the classroom of his youngest daughter, while she was in school.

Sarah, immediately recognising her dad’s voice, runs into his arms, the excitement clearly visible on her face, and it doesn't take long for the tears to flow. 

When they go out to the school yard to find her older sister, Rebecca is stunned.

She sees her dad walking toward her, arms stretched to embrace his eldest and she’s completely frozen.

But when the three of them embrace – our eyes can’t help but well up.

We think these guys had a long weekend they’ll never forget.

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