Dad jumps through 'hoops' in an effort to teach his son how to walk

When your toddler starts to show signs of walking you almost lose your life. 

It is incredibly exciting to watch them reach their milestones and you're incredibly proud. 

We egg them on, calling them toward us, or tell them to get back up when they fall, but sometimes while we wait for them to make that elusive leap, it just doesn't come – they're taunting you. 

So, one dad who was clearly impatient with his tot's progress decided it was time he intervened. 

A complete innovator, he sought out a hoola hoop, holding the plastic ring at the top so his son could hold onto the bottom. 

Dad uses hula hoop to help his kid learn to walk.

Walking along the corridor with him the toddler is almost running let alone walking!

We're not going to lie we've been inspired – let the hoola hoop shopping commence!

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