Cute activities for Valentine’s Day to do with your children

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner you’re probably busy trying to plan a date night with your significant other, organise a baby sitter and find something to wear because getting dressed up can feel like a rare occasion these days. 

Even though Valentine’s Day is more for partners to express their love for each other, we can’t forget about our little Valentines on the day of love.

If you fancy doing some super cute Valentine’s Day themed activities with your children, have a look at our ideas below. Some of these will even make some great gifts for your partner, so not only are you and the kids having fun, but you can make a really cute and thoughtful Valentine’s Day present for your loved one.

Bake some Valentine’s Day biscuits

Not only is it great fun to bake with your little one, but you’ll get a great treat to enjoy afterwards. Check out our favourite biscuit recipe here and decorate them to your heart's content. Make sure to package some up to share with your significant other next week!

Paint a pretty picture

Children love getting messy with paint so let them get creative with a cute painting that you can give to your Valentine as a meaningful gift. Draw them an outline of a heart as a guide or let them create a unique masterpiece. Something for your partner to frame!

Have a love-ly photoshoot 

Who needs a professional photographer when you have a camera on your phone? Take some cute snaps of your little one with plenty of Valentine’s Day themed props like hand-cut heats from red paper, flower petals or some Sweethearts sweets. If you get them printed, you can create a family photo album or turn it into a scrapbook as a gift for your partner. 

Rock art

Kids love painting anything that isn’t paper a lot of the time! Head outside and grab some good-sized rocks and let your child create a little Valentine’s Day masterpiece. Help them paint hearts, flowers or little Cupids if you’re feeling extra creative.

Pick flowers

Buying lavish bouquets can be quite expensive so why not wrap up warm and bring your little one outside to pick some flowers. They can make their own little bouquet to display in your home.

DIY Valentine’s Day decorations 

Collect paper in different shades of pinks and reds- or paint white paper if that’s all you have- paint, paintbrushes, glitter and anything else crafty that you can get your hands on and get making some decorations. Cut hearts out of the paper and add glitter to blue-tack to the walls, make love bugs by drawing little bugs on the different coloured paper, or paint your little one’s hand and stamp it onto paper before adding a stem and leaves, making it look like a flower.

Do a scavenger hunt 

Hide some little chocolates around your home or opt for little toys and let your little one burn off some energy by searching high and low for them. Write a list of what they have to find or draw little pictures as clues. If they can find them all by themself, they win a prize of your choice.

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