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Couple open up Christmas present from their son and cannot believe what they find inside

Kris Kawasaki has blown Christmas out of the water for every child on this planet!

The man has just gone and bought his parents the ultimate gift for Christmas, and we’re in just as much shock as they are.

Kris presented his parents with a box which they opened after dinner, and they can’t believe their eyes when they see a Macbook box staring back at them.

Kris’s brother chipped in on the present at the last minute when he realised what Kris had planned, and the parents are overjoyed with their gift.

That is until they are told to open the box… and there’s no Macbook to be seen.

Instead there is a serious bundle of dollars sitting with a note attached.

The note explains that the cash is to pay off the parents’ mortgage.

And their stunned faces say all that is needed.

Kris’s folks cannot believe what their sons have done, with his mum even suggesting they’re ‘crazy’.

But Kris explains that this is something he has always wanted to do for them.

We just can’t get over how sweet this is, but Kris you may have just put us under serious pressure!

Is this not an incredible story? Have you ever surprised your parents with something so life-changing?

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