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Couple of daughter with Down’s Syndrome adopt child with same condition

Allison and Andrew Sweatman found out at their twenty-week scan that their firstborn, Rosie, had Down Syndrome as well as a heart defect. 

Feeling daunted at first, the couple soon saw how far Rosie was coming and they made the decision to adopt another child with Down Syndrome. 

This is when they found Beau, whose biological parents were unable to take care of him.


These movements we’ve been seeing are indeed seizures. This is SUCH a bittersweet feeling. We knew something was “off” but we were hoping we were wrong. After a good cry, I’m mostly ready to press onward with the plan. We are changing meds a little, monitoring overnight, and getting a CT tomorrow before heading home. Our surgeon wants imaging so we are getting a CT and we will review it at a clinic appt we have in a few weeks. . So many feelings after this hospital stay. It has been short but impactful. The truth is, though, Rosie is the same Rosie she was when we walked through those ER doors yesterday. Still possessing a uncanny ability to brighten anyone’s day. Still the apple of my eye. Still knocking off everyone’s socks with her unpredictable progress. She’s amazing. She’s riveting. She’s just our Rosie! #gtubebaby #downsyndrome #craniosynostosis #epilepsyawareness #seizures #arkansaschildrenshospital #heartwarrior

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Allison said, ''it was so hard with Rosie at first because we were not able to focus on really any of the things a typical parent gets to focus on.''

''We weren't really able to relish the first year of life because we were completely focused on very, very serious health issues.''

However, it wasn't long before Rosie's health was getting better and they could start relaxing a bit and enjoying the time with her.

''There was a time that the diagnosis was scary and hard for us to hear but after seeing everything Rosie had gone through in the first two years of her life, we opened ourselves up to it. Then we heard about Beau.''

Luckily, the two siblings instantly hit it off. 

As both Beau and Rosie are non-verbal, they have formed a close bond with each other. 

''It’s most rewarding when I see our kids working so incredibly hard for milestones and to see them surpass our expectations of them,'' Allison said. 

She continued, ''it makes all the really hard days worth it. It’s not an easy journey, but it’s certainly a privilege to be a part of.''

Dad Andrew has gushed, ''it didn't make sense for us to rule out any potential matches based on their chromosomes, especially since there is such a need for special needs adoption.''

''We realised we could and should actually seek out a child with Down's Syndrome. I’m so glad we did.''

They are the most gorgeous family – Rosie and Beau are so lucky to have fantastic parents like Allison and Andrew. 

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