Couple’s movie clip, making their vows to their daughter as they finally meet, is heart-warming

Matt and Katie, a married couple, have wanted to have children for some time, but unfortunately, they could not conceive kids naturally.  

So the young couple decided, to be parents, they would take the route of adoption.

In a short movie created by Genesis Media Solutions, Matt and Katie share their journey of adoption, and it truly is a beautifully moving story.

In the beginning, the couple shares small insights into their journey:

“The best things in life are difficult, you don’t just get a career by not working hard to get it, and going through some difficult times to get there.”

“And you know, I feel like we understand why we’re adopting because of some of the difficulties we’ve been through together,” added Matt.

While Katie described some of the things she is looking forward to when she becomes a mum:

“I’m looking forward to laughter, and having a messy house.”

Their baby girl is born in Raleigh, North Carolina, a healthy seven pounds and the emotional scene where the couple find out the news, is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

But the moment the couple meet their little girl for the first time is magical.

Both parents are brought to tears as Matt tells his baby: “I’m your dad.”

The clips continue to depict the couple introducing baby Natalie Gray to their friends and family, and we just know this baby is going to be given the best start in life.

And finally, the new parents make their vows to their beloved daughter Natalie Gray: “We promise to love and care for you to the best of our ability.”

“We promise to laugh with you, share with you, and be in the moment with you. We promise to provide you with everything you need, not necessarily everything you want, but what you need.”

The emotional scenes are beyond doubt the most heart-wrenching and joyous clips one could watch, proving that there is always happiness at the end of the road. 

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