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Couple fall in love after meeting when their plane seats got mixed up

Do you believe in fate?

Well, you just might after hearing this story.

Airplane seat mix-ups happen often but when it happened to Adaya Cohen and Michael Hoffman, it changed their lives. 

Adaya thought Michael had taken her seat by the window on a flight from London to TEl Aviv – so they got talking and ended up doing so for the whole flight. 

They left each other at the airport but Michael tracked her own on Facebook and asked her out. 

Amazingly, the pair fell in love and they are now living together in London, three years after that fateful meeting,

''I felt like we really hit it off and was a bit disappointed when he didn't ask for my number before we landed. When I got the message a few days later, I said yes straight away. It’s so strange to have such a connection with someone you’ve known for just a few hours,'' Adaya said.   

Michael said that he didn't ask her for her number because he didn't want her to feel ''trapped.'' 

''When you’re on a plane there’s nowhere you can really go if you feel uncomfortable. As soon as I got off, I regretted it. ‘I looked on Facebook, as she has an unusual name.'' 

After living in separate cities for two years, they decided to move to London together to study for their master’s degrees.

It looks like their relationship is going from strength to strength as Adaya is still gushing about how they met. 

''It’s such a nice story to tell people,'' she said.

It certainly gives us hope that love can blossom anywhere! 

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