Couple blindfold their entire family and you'll NEVER guess why

Tabitha Schroeder and her husband Dan had a difficult time falling pregnant.

Tabitha had her first surgery in 2012, when she found out it wouldn’t be a straight forward process for her.  

But still, nothing would give.

Her need to have a family was so great; Tabitha made an appointment to see a specialist this year.

But days before she was to arrive for her procedure, Tabitha and her husband Dan were shocked to find out they were expecting their first child – naturally.

Elated at the unfolding events, Tabitha and Dan decided to surprise her family, who have been on the lengthy journey with the couple.

The excited pair tricked their family into the latest ‘video challenge’ of tying your sneakers shoe laces while blindfolded.

However, once everyone is sitting at the table and has completed their task, the mum-to-be switches the shoes.

Tabitha replaces the adult footwear with baby shoes and requests her family ties 'special' shoelaces this time.

And it makes for the most emotional pregnancy reveal we have seen.

Look at her mum’s face!

Tabitha said: “You almost have to watch it five times to see the different reactions lol!”

But we think the happiness is plain to be seen here.

Have you ever surprised your family like this?

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