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'Completely shocked': Deaf man regains hearing and the first words he hears will move you to tears

Something terrifying happened to Hayward Duresseau when he was on a family trip to San Francisco.

He became tired and he lost the ability to see, hear, or even walk.

The 37-year-old was in the hospital for three weeks with bacterial meningitis and after three months, he got his sight back and could walk again.  

However, his hearing seemed to be permanently damaged and he was having trouble adjusting to the idea that he would never hear his boyfriend's voice again. 

Luckily, six months later with the help of a Cochlear implant, Hayward could finally hear again – and the first words that he did were the sweetest sound. 

It was his 27-year-old boyfriend Kerry asking him, ''will you marry me?'' 

Obviously, he said yes followed by ''I’m so happy to hear your voice.''

The couple, who have been together for three years, said that they found it hard to deal with Hayward's diagnosis.

Hayward said, ''‘I fought long and hard to communicate with Kerry. It was extremely hard as I felt like such a burden.''

However, it seems that the whole ordeal has actually brought them closer together as a couple. 

Hayward said, ''I was completely shocked by the proposal, I couldn't hold back my emotions – my tears came from a joyful place. This whole issue has caused us to grow stronger in our relationship together.''

Kerry has even become Hayward's full-time carer, showing how dedicated he is to him, and how he wanted to get down on one knew long before Hayward got sick. 

''I was thinking about proposing way before he got sick. He fell ill on Valentine’s Day and that night we spoke about getting married one day.''

Now the happy couple can look forward to a lifetime of happiness together – congratulations guys. 

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