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Capturing those special family moments is good for your wellbeing

One of the sweetest things to do as a family is to look at old photographs. We have bundles and bundles of photo albums full of memories that we captured throughout the years. We have photos from family trips to the seaside where we are standing proudly by the sandcastles we built, snaps of us posing by the Christmas tree at Nanny’s house in our fanciest dresses and treasured black and white photos from our great-grandparents youth.

There’s something extra special about having physical copies of those wonderful memories, but these days we don’t even need to develop rolls of film. All we have to do is tap the screen on our phone to capture those amazing moments.

Gone are the days when we were stuck with accidental photos of elbows and floors. Today, all we have to is click delete and take a brand new snap.

The kids may huff and puff when you ask them to pose for the camera, but researchers have actually found that taking photographs is good for your health.

One study suggests that taking one photo and posting it on social media every day is great for your wellbeing.

The team looked at the impact this had on people and found that interacting with fellow users and capturing the moment had a positive impact on the participants’ mood.

Many participants admitted that they love looking back at the moments they’ve captured, especially if they’re feeling down.

Simply looking at a photo from a family picnic or your child’s first day at school takes you back to that happy moment and brightens your day.

Don’t feel guilty about snapping those precious family memories, science says its good for you.

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