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'Bursting with pride': Teen was helping raise money for charity but he didn't expect what happened

We might have had teachers that we really admired while we were in school, but one student from Evansville, Wisconsin has gone above and beyond for her favourite.

When 15-year-old Waylon Clitsman heard that his beloved ''Miss K'' – Kim Katezmeyer – was retiring, he was devastated. 

Kim had decided to leave the school to dedicate her time raising money for a charity called Beat Nb, that focuses on neuroblastoma research, which is the most common form of childhood cancer. 

So what did Waylon do?

Well, firstly, he attempted to bribe her by giving all $52 of his savings to her, to help with Beat Nb.

While that didn't work, it made Waylon realise how good it felt to help. 

According to the Good News Network, he decided to really pitch in to Kim's cause and take a pig he'd raised to auction, so he could give all of the money to the charity. 

However, when several people heard about Waylon's plan, they stepped in to give a hand.

Waylon had emailed a few different companies, in the hope that hey would bid a little higher for the pig than the usual $3-$4 a pound.

And it worked. The first bidder, Dan Drozdowicz, bid for $11 and then donated it back to be auctioned again.

The second winner bought it for $10 and – and also gave it back. 

Finally, the third winner, a man named Dave Moll, was free to buy but he, too, unexpectedly donated the pig back. 

How amazing is that?

Dave, who works with Waylon's dad, told The Washington Post, “I had had no intention of spending that much money or giving the pig back. But that’s what the people ahead of me did, and I felt like it was the right thing to do, so I did.”

When the pig was bought and sold for the fourth time, Waylon had raised a staggering  $10,070 for his teacher’s charity.

Waylon told The Post, ''“I did not see that happening. Usually, they just sell it once! My dream got bigger and bigger every time they said, ‘Give it back.’” “Usually, they just sell it once! My dream got bigger and bigger every time they said, ‘Give it back.’”

The student has got a taste for charity and is now planning to auction off his three acres worth of pumpkins in the fall, and donating everything to Beat Nb.

“I am bursting, my heart is bursting with pride for him,” his teacher Kim gsuhed.

“He doesn't’t know the impact that he is having… Someday he will.”

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