Bub, Peanut, Spud: This Reddit thread of pre-born baby nicknames is fantastic

We love baby names, but what about nicknames for your little one during pregnancy? 

One Reddit user recently asked what nicknames you call your baby bump, and some of the answers are phenomenal. 

What is/was your nickname before having an actual name for your baby? from BabyBumps

The original poster shared that she and the daddy-to-be  have a really cute nickname for their soon-to-be arrival: 

"Ours is B'Goat..weird I know! I started out calling him/her Bugg (no clue how it started being spelled like that) and at our first ultrasound my husband pointed out that the baby looked like a pygmy goat with horns jumping (he has a goat obsession) so he 'compromised' and started calling him/her B'Goat which stuck!" 

The answers do not disappoint, from Squishy to Dracula, new parents have come up with some rip-roaring answers: 


Let's hope some of these names last! 

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