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Bring 'hygge' to the Christmas table with Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene launches the second phase of novelties from their Christmas 2021 collection and we are beyond excited! With Søstrene Grene’s new Christmas collection, find inspiration to decorate for memorable Christmas moments this festive season with items that will transform your home into a magical and festive wonderment.

Invite the Christmas spirit inside and discover the new collection, which includes everything for setting a magically festive table for everyday meals or cosy gatherings, as well as Christmas baubles and ornaments for a beautifully shining Christmas tree.

ring 'hygge' to the Christmas table

Invite your guests and let Christmas be blessed with Christmas spirit. Let this year's Christmas table shine with the sisters' decorations and tableware.  Infuse this year's Christmas table with the spirit of Christmas using decorations inspired by nature's red and green hues.

For the Christmas table, a new selection with everything from bowls and tableware, as well as soft textiles in classic Christmas colours are presented to make that dining experience even more special.

The new collection also includes both shiny Christmas baubles in classic shapes and colours, quirky ornaments of glass as well as soft ornaments made of felt and wool. Decorate the Christmas tree with new and old, classic, and quirky ornaments, side by side. Explore the sisters' broad selection of Christmas baubles and ornaments with both classic and quirky shapes and colours.

This collection is now in store worldwide including Georges Street Dublin 2, Dun Laoghaire, Cork, Limerick, Belfast, Newry and Bangor will be available while stocks last.

Go to to check out more of the Christmas favourites!

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