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Brilliant non-fiction reads to gift any bookworm this Christmas

Christmas will soon be upon us and if you’re planning on buying a book for the reader in your life, why not consider a non-fiction piece? There is nothing more exciting than receiving a gift you weren’t expecting and every bookworm knows the struggle of getting multiple copies of the same trending fiction book at every special occasion, so avoid the duplicates and opt for a non-fiction title instead!

Whether it’s a cookbook for an aspiring chef, an autobiography for a pop culture enthusiast or a self-help guide for the organised wellness-lover in your life, these books are a great way to help your loved one broaden their reading horizons and really make their Christmas when they unwrap one of these great reads.

Check out our gift guide of non-fiction books below and treat your loved one to a new read on Christmas Day. 

Come Sit Awhile by Alice Taylor

Published by Brandon 

Come sit awhile with Alice Taylor. Take a little time out – to rest, to think, or just to be. Life can race along at a fast pace, sometimes almost stampeding us along with it. What a pity not to slow down and take the time to enjoy little things, or simply doing nothing or chatting with a good friend. Sometimes Alice finds a comfortable place to sit, maybe a low wall, a garden seat or a grassy bank. A place to let the mind calm down and let thoughts drift. With her new book, Alice Taylor invites us to take a moment and sit awhile. 

In My Own Words by Sandy Kelly

Published by The O’Brien Press

Sandy Kelly is one of Ireland’s most beloved performers. Born into her grandfather’s Variety Roadshow, her destiny was sealed from her first stage appearance at the age of three, laying the foundations for a lifelong career in music. From humble beginnings in Sligo, to headlining in Nashville. And duetting with Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, her life has seen incredible highs and heartbreaking lows. Now,for the first time in full, this is her story- in her own words. 

Glow: Five Steps to Create the Life You Dream About by Georgie Crawford

Published by Hachette Books Ireland

Are you caught in a constant cycle of busyness? And yet sometimes feel like you’re waiting to start living? For over a decade, podcaster and health coach Georgie Crawford felt the same way, as she focused on all the things that make a life look good. Then she received some devastating news and began to ask herself the important questions: What is it that I want from life? Who could I be, if I really started believing in myself? Here, Georgie tells her story and shows you how you can live a happier, more fulfilled life. From how to discover your true potential by connecting to your inner world, to practical tips that will help you create real and lasting change, Glow is your step-by-step guide to finally taking life into your own hands.

A Hundred Words for Grand: The Little Book of Irish Chat by Kunak McGann

Published by The O’Brien Press

In her new book, Kunak McGann celebrates the words and phrases that showcase our famed gift of the gab, from fond greetings and terms of endearment to slaps on the back and typically understated compliments. For chancers and legends, mad yokes and fine things. Sure lookit, why not give it a lash?

Décor Galore by Laura de Barra

Published by Penguin Random House 

DIY queen Laura de Barra shares everything we need to know to revitalise our homes, from the small details that perfect a room to major overhauls that change how we live for the better. With Gaff Goddess Laura de Barra proved she was the queen of She-IY, but that was just the beginning. In Décor Galore she takes us room by room with genius and stunning tips for how to revamp your home on any budget. Whether you want to maximise storage, create layered lighting, or install a new kitchen, Décor Galore has got you covered. Creative, stylish and incredibly practical, Laura will change how you view your space and open up a world of new possibilities. 

I’m Grand Mamual by PJ Kirby & Kevin Twomey

Published by Gill Books

PJ Kirby and Kevin Twomey are two mammy’s boys from Cork who are always up for a skit.The I’m Grand Mamual is Kevin and PJ’s hilarious and heart-warming ode to their mammies, Phil and Nuala. Taking a different well-worn saying – such as ‘We haven’t died a winter yet’ and ‘Sure, who’d be looking at you anyway?’ – Kevin and PJ recount wild experiences from their lives – from coming out, holidays and money management to dating, hustling and sustainability – where the phrase has rung true, proving that ‘Mam always knows best.With great humour and middling advice, The I’m Grand Mamual is a big-sisterly companion that proudly celebrates embracing yourself and the uniquely Irish mother–child relationship.

Spice Box: Easy, Everyday Indian Food by Sunil Ghai 

Published by Penguin Sandycove

Great Indian food is about making food come alive from a handful of spices you can buy anywhere. In Spice Box, Ireland's favourite Indian chef Sunil Ghai takes the mystery out of creating authentic Indian dishes at home using key spices that are available at supermarkets around the country with ingredients that can be sourced locally. Spice Box includes over 100 recipes that you will find amazingly easy to make, including comforting favourites such as Easy Butter Chicken; fabulous fish such as Spicy Prawn Curry; veggie flavour bombs such as Aubergine and Potato Curry; and sweet treats such as spectacular Indian Rice Pudding. There is also a dazzling array of naan, rice dishes, sides, raitas and chutneys, and much more – all simple to make at home from ingredients that are widely available. Cook the Spice Box way and fall in love with mouth-watering, effortless Indian food.

Believe by Leigh Anne Pinnock

Published by Headline

Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s life changed overnight when she became part of the first ever girl band to win the X-Factor. The multi-platinum selling supergroup Little Mix, went on to become one of the biggest girl bands of all time.Launched into chart-topping global fame, Leigh-Anne was living her childhood dream of becoming a popstar. But behind the scenes, as a Black woman within an industry and team with little diversity, Leigh-Anne was struggling with her identity and felt completely lost. In her highly anticipated memoir, Leigh-Anne shares her journey from growing up in a mixed-race family in Britain to taking the pop world by storm. Honest and direct, she reveals the challenges and prejudices that stood in her path and how she overcame them by embracing her own power. Sharing the experiences and lessons that have shaped Leigh-Anne, this book will empower us all to challenge the status quo, stand up for what we believe in and go after our dreams.

Home Kitchen: Everyday cooking made simple and delicious by Donal Skehan

Published by Yellow Kite

In his new book, Donal brings us into the heart of his kitchen, showing us how he cooks for his family and what inspires him – from his granny’s handwritten recipes and his Irish heritage to his time living in LA. Donal shares delicious recipes from his many experiences and travels, as well as his decades as a home cook, that you’ll want to make time and again. Donal has all aspects of the week covered with chapters such as make-ahead Sundays, everyday dinners, weekday rush, slow-cooking weekend wins, and scrumptious desserts.

Brian & Arthur’s Modern Family by  Brian Dowling & Arthur Gourounlian

Published by Gill Books

Brian Dowling and Arthur Gourounlian are among Ireland’s most beloved television personalities and social media stars. The internet exploded when the couple announced they were expecting their first child, with Brian’s sister Aoife acting as their surrogate. Their daughter, Blake, was born in September 2022. In this book, Brian and Arthur detail their long journeys, separately and together, before finally realising the dream of creating their own very happy family. From births, to deaths, marriage and everything in between this heartfelt and hilarious memoir brings Arthur and Brian’s positive and inspiring attitude to the page as they journey towards parenthood. Brian and Arthur’s Modern Family reflects on the universal cycles of adversity, love and grief experienced by all of us as we strive to achieve our dreams, sharing what they have learned along the way about what really matters.

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