Breastfeeding mums, here are top tips on expressing your milk

There are a number of reasons why a new mum chooses to express some of her milk. Feeding is a great way to bond with your baby and enables you to share the experiencing with a partner, family or friends. This can also allow mums to get a well-earned rest from time to time. There might also be situations where expressing makes life that little more practical, like when mum has to go back to work.

Expressing with a Manual or Electric breast pump?

Electric and Manual pumps are both equally beneficial. A manual pump is a popular choice; they are quiet and discreet and can be used easily away from a power source. An electric pump is ideal for expressing milk regularly with ease.

Introducing the MAM 2in1 Single Breast Pump

The new MAM 2in1 Breast pump offers the most flexible solution for smooth and comfortable expressing, 2 functions in 1 device. So for the first time, mums can choose all the efficiency and convenience of an electric breast pump whilst still benefiting from the flexibility and discretion of a manual pump.

The concept is as simple as it is smart; switching from Manual to an Electric in 2 simple steps. Whilst at home there is the option to plug the pump in or take advantage of the rechargeable battery which lasts for five hours on a single charge. This allows for comfortable expressing throughout the home even if it’s not in reach of a power socket. The ‘’one size fits all’’ funnel, is always the perfect fit. Mums also have the choice of expressing with or without the soft silicone inlay ensuring comfortable expressing and thanks to the smart cover your funnel is protected against dirt and dust, keeping your pump hygienically stored at home or on the move.

Electric function

For smooth and comfortable pumping the unit has special stimulation and expression modes which simulate baby’s natural sucking behaviour for smooth and comfortable pumping. The lightweight display unit also shows the battery status, duration of pumping, chosen mode and vacuum strength. 

Manual function

In manual mode the ergonomic shape makes pumping relaxed and effortless and expressing while you travel easy. The lightweight manual pump offers mums flexible and discreet pumping anywhere while on the go, at work or travelling without the need to carry the electric unit unnecessarily.

So what about storing your breast milk?

Expressing your milk enables you to store it and build up a supply. It is recommended to store your breast milk in smaller quantities in secure, sterile containers that can be kept in the fridge or freezer. The MAM Storage pots are perfectly designed to attach directly to the MAM breast pump which therefore avoids spillages from not having to transfer the milk after expressing. The Storage pots have a special washable labelling area to date the expressed milk and can be stored in the fridge or freezer. They can be stacked securely on each other which helps save on space too.

Storing times and guidelines

NHS guidelines for storing breast milk are:

  • Fridge (4°C) or lower for up to five days (Never place breast milk in the door compartment of your fridge)

  • Ice compartment of fridge for two weeks

  • Freezer for up to six months

  • Use the longest stored breast milk first

How much should I express?

All mums can express milk at different levels, so please do not be disheartened if it takes you some time to fill a sterile container. It is recommended that you sit in a comfortable position when expressing and clean your breast with a warm washcloth.

I have been having problems breastfeeding, what are the benefits of Nipple Shields?

Nipple shields can be the brilliant answer to so many breastfeeding problems and yet many mums have never even heard of them, let alone know how or when to use them.

Nipple shields can be tried for any of the following problems:

  • Sore nipples

  • Difficulty in latching onto large or flat nipples

  • Primary Engorgement

  • Tongue-Tie

  • Excessively fast milk flow

The MAM Nipple Shields make it very easy for babies to drink because they feel so familiar. This is thanks to their silky smooth surface and their natural shape. The shields comes in two sizes and in a handy self-sterilising travel case.

MAM Breast pump is available in Boots and Mothercare. Click here to find a stockist near you. 

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