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Brave explorer has wish granted after beating brain tumour

CMRF Crumlin is the wonderful charity behind Crumlin Hospital and the National Children's Research Centre, running on the belief that every sick child deserves a chance.

CMRF have released a heartwarming video about a child who suffered with a brain tumour which has absolutely restored our faith in humanity. 

Yvonne Shannon from Pimlico in Dublin and her daughter Ruby have opened up about their journey through Crumlin hospital, and Ruby's bravery while dealing with such a difficult illness is astonishing.

Four-year-old Ruby spoke about her dream to become an astronaut when she grew up, and Play SK has since helped her dream come to life by sending her a cardboard rocket playhouse.

Ruby underwent surgery to remove the tumour in her brain, and every scan she's had since completing chemotherapy has been miraculously clear.

Play SK heard about the little girl's amazing story and her mum Yvonne's strength and sent a treat to help Ruby along.

Image: CMRF Crumlin

A letter written by the brand accompanied the rocket playhouse, and the contents have melted our hearts;

"Dear Ruby,

I recently read a story about you, and it said that you are thinking of becoming an astronaut. I imagine that to be an astronaut you have to be very brave and determined to keep going, no matter what challenges you might face. From what I read in the story about you, it sounds like you are PERFECT for that job!

"It might be a little while before you travel in a real one, so I thought you might like to practice with our rocket. If you close your eyes, I think this rocket will take you anywhere you want to go. Our world needs more brave explorers like you, Ruby, so keep going, and have fun. Blast off!’

Image: CMRF Crumlin

Gráinne Kennedy, Head of Philanthropy and Partnerships at CMRF, spoke about the generous gift; “The wonderful team at Smurfit Kappa delivered a playhouse rocket to our office as a gift for our courageous supporter, Ruby.

“She wants to be an astronaut when she grows up and our friends at Smurfit Kappa are giving her the chance to get some practice in.”

CMRF Crumlin relies heavily on corporate and public donations. 150,000 sick children walk through the doors of Crumlin Hospital every year, so any help corporations can offer for CMFR Crumlin would transform lives.

Congratulations to Ruby on her journey to healing, and new job as an astronaut explorer. She's the best candidate by a mile for the job to us.

Feature image: CMRF Crumlin

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