Boy is left unable to move when he sees his dad for the first time in months

Airman Ian Gavagan had been deployed to the Golan Heights on UN peacekeeping duties for six months. 

But during this time, the soldier's family were home in Ireland, missing him more than words could tell. 

Nonetheless, his tenure came to an end in October, making his way back to the Casement Aerodrome in Dublin. 

And of course, his wife, Maria and his two children were the first to greet Ian in an emotional reunion outside the army base. 

However, in a clip taken by journalist, Stephanie Grogan, Ian's son, Sean, is unable to run into his dad's arms like his mum and sister. 

The toddler is bowled over with emotion, paralysed with the shock of seeing his dad. 

Stuck to the spot, little Sean is bent over, his hands placed over his face, and eventually on his knees. 

Unable to move with emotion, his dad's friend finally makes his way back to Sean to help him compose, coercing him to reunite with his dad. 

We're with you Stephanie! 

If this doesn't bring a tear to your eye today, you need to get your tear ducts checked out – we're BAWLING!

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