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We're bawling: Boy and dog with same skin condition become BFFs

Rowdy the dog was made famous by the white patches which cover his body, especially around his eyes – and it is thanks to him that one boy in particular feels more comfortable in his own skin. 

The black Labrador was diagnosed with vitiligo a few years ago, coincidentally the same time that eight-year-old Carter Blanchard was diagnosed. 

However, while Rowdy seems to be loving life, poor Carter was not happy and, according to his mum, Stephanie, he would tell her that he hated his skin and the way he looked whenever he got into the car. 

However, when Stephanie came across Rowdy's Facebook page, she knew that the 14-year-old dog would be able to help Carter. 

A letter she wrote to TV host Ellen was posted to a special Road to Rowdy GoFundMe page, and it is here she conveys just how special their meeting was. 


It is never easy asking for help (I much prefer being the one offering it), but this time I am the one in need. . My health has taken quite a turn for the worse in the last few weeks and I need some tests, scans, x-rays, blood draws, and medications that are quite costly. If you could help, even just a little, to get me some much needed medical attention – I would be extremely grateful! . I will continue to do what I can, but hope to get through this and bouncing around again soon! Xoxo Rowdy (link in bio too) #keepportlandrowdy #thankyouforyoursupport #thankyou #support #giving #dogs #dog #help #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #dogsofig #gofundme #charity #vitiligo #vitiligonation #nocuredontcare #sharingiscaring #ilovemyboy #

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"We know in our hearts that Rowdy was put on this earth for Carter," she lovingly wrote.

"Instead of Carter hiding behind his skin, he has told everyone he knows that he is special because of his vitiligo.

"He has struggled for 2 LONG years.

"Rowdy changed all of that for him. We are forever grateful.

"Just last week Carter told me that he found a new “spot” on his face, and he wanted me to tell everyone I knew! Before Rowdy, a new spot would mean lots of anxiety."

The love between the two is so obvious, and now they are campaigning to raise more money to help other children with vitiligo.

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