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Boy, 8, learns to drive on YouTube... and you'll NEVER guess where he drove to

We know we shouldn't be impressed but, come on, this youngster learned to drive with the help of YOUTUBE; most of us took at least a hundred lessons before we even ventured out of the empty car park…

The eight-year-old from Ohio, who is not being named to protect his identity, apparently hopped in his parents' car and took him and his four-year-old sister to get something to eat in McDonald's. 

Apparently the little boy learned how to drive with the help of YouTube videos, and then waited until his parents were asleep before stealing their car and taking his sister for a ride. 

Talking to Fox 8 Cleveland, officer Jacob Koehler said the eight-year-old drove a mile from home, went through four intersections, took a few right hands turns, and a left hand turn, and even went over railroad tracks to get to his destination. 

And the best thing? He obeyed all road signs and didn't break the speed limit. 

When he arrived at the restaurant, he bought a burger, nuggets and fries which he paid for with his own pocket money, reports the The Weirton Daily Times

Thankfully, the kids were spotted by friends of the family so they didn't have to drive all the way back home! 

“I think there is a good teaching point here. With the way technology is anymore kids will learn how to do anything and everything. This kid learned how to drive on YouTube. He probably looked it up for five minutes and then said it was time to go,” officer Koehler said. 

“He didn’t hit a single thing on the way there. It was unreal."

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