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Blind dog and his companion adopted together- but their story is tragic

This story of two doggy best friends is breaking our hearts. 

12-year-old blind OJ- a dachshund and his best friend a 6-year-old Staffie called Blue Dozer were surrendered to Richmond Animal care and control centre in Virginia. 

Their owner had become homeless, and could no longer tke care of the duo. 

Realising how much the animals loved and depended on each other, the shelter would only let them be adopted together. 

They were, and the future looked bright for the brave doggos- until their new owner turned out to be not all they seemed. 

OJ was abandoned miles from home, and Blue Dozer was kept by the the adopter. 

According to local media,  a concerned citizen picked OJ up after spotting him wondering a back road, miles from where he had supposedly been adopted. 

After dropping him to a local animal shelter, the staff traced his microchip to the person who adopted them. 

“She said ‘so and so’ was supposed to be watching him," adoption officer Tracey Meadows said. “She went on to say that she didn't want him because he bites.”

But it wasn't as it seemed. They posted on their Facebook looking for a new home for OJ, just to realise that he was half of a bonded pair. 

“It was brought to our attention he was adopted on Sunday as a bonded pair,” Meadows said. “I was very upset. I felt like I had been lied to.”

Shelters try to keep bounded pairs together when being adopted, as being separated from their besties can cause the the dogs undue stress. 

"Usually bond pairs… they're bonded for a reason," Meadows said. “Whether it be for emotional support or they’ve lived together their whole life.”

This is was even more important for OJ and Dozer, as the older dog depended on the other for sight. 

“Since it’s a big thing with him having a seeing-eye dog a lot of people are upset about it,” Meadows said.

The word spread through Facebook about what had happened to the pair, prompting calls for them to be reunited. 

And eventually, they were- pass the tissues please. 

The pair are now spending loads of time cuddling, before finding their forever home. 

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